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All will be revealed

Over three years ago now, I boldly stepped out of a thriving business practice. It was becoming very clear after 21years of practicing as a Naturopath and business owner, I was due for change. Well of course the outside world matched my inside world.It always seems to. I had the opportunity to sell my share in the Business and .........and ??????????....... Well firstly sleep a lot a lot.........meditate at lot....... I had meditated in many styles over the course of my adult life. I found for me this time, simply settling into being present with myself, led to an unfolding journey of discovering the old worn out stories that no longer served me.This took time and lots of self acceptance, to unhook myself from these old stories. I then studied meditation teaching with ACMM, discovering many ways to approach. meditation. Anyone can mediation given the practice that suits their needs.

After navigating Peri Menopause and Menopause transition, with my beloved Herbs and homeopathy to support me, Meditation became the tool for transition to the next stage. Wise woman and Elder. Being able to wake up to personal stories and choose which serve and those that do not, is foundational to transformation.

So I let go and went on yet another personal transformation journey. (there have been many on this life path of mine now.) That is why I value Rites of passage work,(personal and community) along side any healing work. If we do not appropriately grow and move into our next stage of life holistically, we may carry over old stories or behaviours that do not serve us. Life will reflect this back to us on every level of our being until we get it, the Lesson and Transformation.

Now I base my work on understanding where a person is at, on their journey of life. So alongside prescribing Naturopathic, Herbal or Homeopathic medicine, I also prescribe mindfulness and meditation practice as a powerful tool for clients to use, so with practice they can continue to guide their own path.

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